Private & Business


– Furniture plan
– Mateterial plan
– Moodboard
– Full concept

The interior plan consists of various parts.

The furniture plan is designed to create the optimal layout of furniture in your space, so that functionality and aesthetics come together perfectly.

This also includes a materials plan. We carefully select high-quality materials that suit your style and needs, taking the tropical climate into account.

All this comes together in a mood board. This serves as a source of inspiration and visual guide, where colors, textures and patterns come together to determine the desired atmosphere and appearance of the space.

The full concept includes all aspects of the design process, from the first mood boards and atmosphere determination to final implementation.


Perfect balance


– Base lighting
– Mood lighting
– Accent lighting
– Work lighting

Our Lighting Plan is designed to find the perfect balance between functional and atmospheric lighting, with attention to every detail.

Basic lighting in a room provides even and general lighting, making the room well lit and creating a comfortable atmosphere.Mood lighting is then added. Indirect lighting gives the room a warm appearance.

We then look at where certain elements in the room should be emphasized. We add accent lighting. In addition, one of the more important types of lighting is work lighting. Consider lighting for cooking or reading.

Together we look for a perfect balance between all these types of lighting, taking every detail into account.


Interiors, Kitchens & Bathrooms

2D + 3D visualisations

– Floor maps
– Vieuws

In either a 2D or a 3D visualization, a realistic picture is drawn of what your space will look like, so that you get a clearer picture of the end result.

Using a 2D visualization, I create a detailed floor plan, in which we map the layout and dimensions of the space and plan optimal space utilization.

One or more 3D visualizations offer an even more detailed view of the rooms. This gives you a virtual tour and allows you to better imagine how the space, the materials and the colors that will be used will come into their own.


realizing your next project

Full projects

– Commercial
– Private

For commercial projects, we strive to create functional and attractive spaces that strengthen brand identity and leave a positive impression on customers and employees. Whether it concerns an office, shop or catering facility, we provide a professional and well-thought-out design that supports the business objectives.

For private projects, we focus on creating personal and comfortable spaces that suit your lifestyle and taste. Whether it concerns a living room, bedroom or kitchen, we strive to create a harmonious and inviting environment in which you feel at home and can relax.

Let me guide you in realizing your next project, whether it concerns a commercial space or a private home. Together we can create a space that perfectly suits your needs.


Potential of the Property

Property sales

– Sales styling
– Brochure visuals
– Virtuele verbouwingen

When it comes to a project that needs to be sold, my focus is on creating attractive presentations that appeal to potential buyers and maximize the value of your property.

With Sales Styling I ensure an attractive and inviting presentation of the space, highlighting its strengths and creating a positive first impression that appeals to potential buyers.

Brochure Visuals are designed to highlight the unique features and potential of the property, with beautiful, compelling images and visual elements that increase resale value and capture the imagination of potential buyers.

With Virtual Renovations we offer an innovative approach to giving potential buyers a realistic view of the potential of the property, through digital visualizations that show how the space can be transformed and highlight its potential.



Interior Inspiration session

– Brainstorm session

Sometimes full project management is not necessary. Sometimes it concerns an existing home that needs a touch up or can be made more cozy. You can choose for an interior inspiration session. I visit the location for half a day and we brainstorm together about the space and what it needs. At the end of this session, a document will be created where all tips and tricks can be read again.